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An IQ Test That’s Not Really An IQ Test

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Ah, the Wonderlic - the bane of some NFL hopefuls’ existence.  That’s a little harsh, especially since the glorified Scouting Combine IQ test isn’t a strong predictor of football success.  If a player scores below 10, there are major concerns, but for the most part - especially if it’s a lineman - a low score won’t kill draft stock.  After all, linemen must know the playbook and how to “pull” or “stunt,” but really, it boils down to strength, toughness, and desire - not “book-smarts.”

A solid Wonderlic score is most crucial for quarterbacks; Buffalo’s own Ryan Fitzpatrick notched a perfect 50 on the exam, while former-Texas-great-but-currently-unemployed Vince Young managed a meager 6.  How would you fare on the test?  Probably not too badly!  Here’s a sample courtesy of WalterFootball.com.

Photo compliments of candistar.com.


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