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An open letter to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell

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This guy’s got a point. ESPN’s David Fleming asks—If Fred Jackson isn’t deserving of the Pro Bowl, who is? Until just a few weeks ago, Jackson was leading the league in rushing with 934 yards on 5.5 yards per carry along with a career-best 442 receiving yards for the Bills. ESPN’s David Fleming explains here:

Anyway, my point is Fred was a shoo-in to claim the accolades he had worked for his entire adult life and rightfully earned on the field, when—snap—he broke his fibula in Week 11 and was placed on IR. Although he will likely heal in time for the 2012 Pro Bowl on Jan. 29 in Honolulu and even though the contest itself doesn’t seem to have any actual set of rules about, ya know, tackling and/or competitive or compelling play, Fred was summarily, and inexplicably, stricken from the Pro Bowl ballot.

Fleming’s not the only one who is singing Jackson’s praise. Tim Loperfido, a Bills fan, even created a petition to restore his Pro Bowl eligibility at http://www.change.org There. are currently over 1,200 signatures and completed petition will be sent to the NFL on December 19 when fan balloting ends.

Should Jackson go to the Pro Bowl? Sure. Will he make the cut? Who knows. But there seems to be enough buzz around this that it is a possibility to at least make the NFL take notice. 

Check out the entire letter to Roger Goodell that Fleming wrote for ESPN.

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