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Anderson Cooper: a definite ‘maybe’ for Dyngus Day 2013

Photo courtesy of CNN

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After some speculation this morning, we can say that Anderson Cooper’s potential visit to Buffalo for Dyngus Day is a definite… maybe.

Eddy Dobosiewicz, the co-founder of Dyngus Day Buffalo was happy to chat with Buffalo.com about the possibility of CNN’s Cooper coming to the Queen City, but it’s far from a sure thing.

“We just don’t know for sure,” Dobosiewicz said over the phone on Tuesday afternoon. “He would like to come here and participate, but he has a lot of other commitments like daily television shows and it all depends on what’s going on in the rest of the world that week. If some major news event happens, he’ll be tied to that.”

Even Dyngus Day Buffalo’s official twitter account has nixed the notion that Cooper is officially coming to Buffalo.

Right now, the Dyngus Day team is just starting to throw ideas around for this year’s upcoming events and has a couple “best scenario” options in mind. Dobosiewicz would love to give Cooper a grand tour of the city with visits to Niagara Falls, the East side and Broadway Market, just to name a few spots.

He’s hopeful, but he knows that there’s a chance that none of this could happen too.

“If things do work out, we’d love to have him participate in the Dyngus Day Parade. If there’s only one thing he could attend, that would be the thing.”

Dobosiewicz wants to take an active role in getting plans for Cooper’s possible visit as organized as he can and is even planning a trip to New York City to (hopefully) meet with Cooper in person to chat. But he has bigger plans than just a conversation about our little Dyngus Day holiday.

“I want him to come back to Buffalo and show him the abbreviated history that our city has. It’s a story that even a lot of Buffalonians don’t even know. To have his show feature a “rise and fall and rising again” of Buffalo would be my goal,” Dobosiewicz said. “Buffalo has the potential to tell the story of America. What we have here are remnants of incredible old stuff that a lot of other cities don’t have anymore. “

The original “Dyngus Day fiasco” that took place in April of 2012, all happened so fast for Dobosiewicz and his team. The night of the RidicuList airing included lots of calls and texts from friends and Dobosiewicz admits to only catching the end of the clip, before watching the segment in its entirety the following morning.

Wanting to turn this event into a positive thing for Buffalo was the goal all along. They decided to hold the infamous Pussy Willow Pride rally that morning, getting a few friends together at Redlinski Meats. Others showed up in support as well, including a small army of local reporters.

“People were pissed off and wanted to let him know that they were mad,” Dobosiewicz said. But he saw the value in a bit of national media attention for the beloved holiday that is Buffalo’s Dyngus Day. Turning the whole situation into a “shining light moment” for Buffalo is all that he is looking to accomplish.

As for plans on actually naming Cooper the “Pussy Willow Prince” of Buffalo’s Dyngus Day festivities?

“We’d figure out some sort of crown and a possible fleet of Mini-Coopers to transport his entourage through the parade. A scepter out of pussy willows would be good too. Honestly, we’re really making it up as we go along,” Dobosiewicz said.

Dyngus Day plans are still in the early stages, but the small committee plans to have some announcements and details ready in early February. Whether or not Cooper’s attendance will actually happen is still to be determined, but if

Here is the CNN clip from April with Cooper apologizing to Dobosiewicz and Buffalonians about laughing during the segment, as a refresher.

Photo courtesy of CNN.

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