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Bills safe from Old Navy’s grammar error

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Old Navy launched its Superfan Nation line, which features vintage-inspired shirts and hoodies sporting about 100 of the nation’s favorite college teams and NHL franchises, but anyone with basic grammar knowledge isn’t cheering for one particular shirt design.

While the Buffalo Bills and other NFL teams are safe from the flub, college sports fans appear to be stuck with Old Navy’s elementary editing error in one particular shirt design. The phrase “Lets go!!” appears above school logos and team names, prompting backlash from anyone who recognized the fact that the apostrophe—necessary in a contraction to show the merger of the words “let” and “us”—is missing.

Lets go!!

Still don’t understand? Well, I’m judging you. Here’s what I mean:

Let's go!!

Sure, this obvious error is sparking ELA debates now, but can I just remind our readers that the “Let’s go, [enter team name here]” is usually not written correctly, even when the apostrophe is present? This former copy editor and perpetual punctuation princess will remind you that there should be a comma before addressing a person—or team, in this case—by name. Without the comma, “Let’s go Buffalo” reads like “Let’s go confuse or intimidate.

No comma?!

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