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Buffalo: not-so-smutty city

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Men’s Health Magazine ranked 100 American cities from smuttiest to least smutty, and Buffalo makes an appearance somewhere in the middle.

The list is based on the number of adult DVDs purchased, rented or streamed; adult entertainment stores; rate of porn searches; and percentage of Cinemax-subscribing households per city.

Buffalo, No. 58 in the list, leans more toward the prude side of the scale. Nearby Rochester, though, is higher in the ranks at No. 35.

Coincidentally, two North Carolina cities are among the top 10 smuttiest cities in the U.S. Yep, that’s the state that values traditional marriage so much that it outlawed same-sex marriage, but is A-OK with pornography. Good grief.

Here’s the 10 “smuttiest cities,” according to Men’s Health:

1. Orlando, FL
2. Las Vegas, NV
3. Wilmington, DE
4. Raleigh, NC
5. Charlotte, NC
6. Minneapolis, MN
7. Atlanta, GA
8. Tampa, FL
9. Anchorage, AK
10. Austin, TX

Photo courtesy of Flickr / marcoPapale.com.

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  1. bkirst09 May 10, 2012 @ 12:06pm

    Haha no wonder Buffalo is not a smutty city—look at the places on the list, it’s everywhere that people from WNY have moved! Guess it’s not just a brain drain we’ve experienced.

    bkirst09's avatar