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Buffalo nurse’s online campaign saves ‘hero’ dog’s life


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The dog that saved the lives of two girls by throwing itself infront of a speeding motorcycle ended up losing its snout in the crash, but one Buffalo woman has helped save the hero dog’s life.

The mixed-breed dog, named Kabang, reached celebrity status in the Philippines, where the dog saved the lives of its owner’s daughter and niece. But the motorcycle-dog collision injured the dog, cutting off the animal’s snout and upper jaw.

Without surgery to treat the dog’s wounds, it would probably develop a life-threatening infection.

But one Buffalo woman’s efforts could potentially safe the hero dog’s life. Buffalo nurse Karen Kenngott started an online campaign to raise $20,000 for Kabang’s surgery. Upon reaching the goal, Kabang was sent to William R. Pritchard Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital, at UC Davis, where veterinarians will treat the dog’s wounds, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Back in her home country, Kabang is a celebrity or sorts. “She has become a superstar. People come here to have their photos taken with the dog. Some came with medicines and vitamins,” the dog’s owner, Rudy Bunggal, said in an interview.

Photo courtesy of careforkabang.com.

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