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Buffalo ranked 5th most hungover city in America

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In other news, sales for Gatorade and aspirin have sky-rocketed in the Queen City following this story.

Buffalo has been ranked the 5th most hungover city in America, according to a list from Business Insider.

“To see which cities have it the worst, we looked at the Center for Disease Control’s most recent statistics on binge drinking and Trulia’s list of cities with the most bars per capita. We then gave each city a Business Insider Hangover Score based on those two numbers,” says Megan Willett of Business Insider.

In the results, Buffalo received a “Hangover Score” of 33 and a 19.4% admitted to binge drinking. Business Insider also included a side note that “The CDC defines binge drinking as having five or more drinks in one sitting for men, and four or more drinks in one sitting for women. The most recent data available was from 2010.”

It was also concluded that Buffalo has 6.8 bars per 10,000 households.

Check out the complete list below to see how we stacked up among other U.S. cities. For more information on the list, head over to Business Insider for details and an expanded description.

1.—Omaha, Neb.
2.—Milwaukee, Wis.
3.—New Orleans, La.
4.—Pittsburgh, Pa.
5.—Buffalo, N.Y.
6.—Akron, Ohio
7.—Toledo, Ohio
8.—Worcester, Mass.
9.—Springfield, Mass.
10.—Las Vegas, Nev.
11.—Cleveland, Ohio
12.—Honolulu, Hawaii
13.—Providence, R.I.
14.—St. Louis, Mo.
15.—San Antonio, Texas
16.—Cincinnati, Ohio
17.—Boston, Mass.
18.—Columbus, Ohio
19.—Austin, Texas
20.—San Francisco, Calif.
21.—Chicago, Ill.
22.—Philadelphia, Pa.
23.—El Paso, Texas
24.—Portland, Ore.
25.—Denver, Colo.

Photo courtesy of Flickr / Jordan Miller

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