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We’re no New York CIty, but we’re getting there.

In an article from Buffalo Business First, Buffalo and Rochester have been ranked among the 10 largest Eastern cities in the United States.

According to Business First,

Buffalo had 261,025 residents as of July 1, 2011, the latest date for which official figures are available, while Rochester’s population was 210,855.
That puts Buffalo eighth in the East and 72nd among all U.S. cities. Rochester is 10th regionally and 100th nationally in population.

The population numbers were estimated by the U.S. Census Bureau and the top 10 cities, with numbers can be viewed below:

New York (U.S. rank: 1, population: 8,244,910)
Philadelphia (U.S. rank: 5, population: 1,536,471)
Boston (U.S. rank: 21, population: 625,087)
Baltimore (U.S. rank: 24, population: 619,493)
Washington (U.S. rank: 25, population: 617,996)
Pittsburgh (U.S. rank: 61, population: 307,484)
Newark (U.S. rank: 68, population: 277,540)
Buffalo (U.S. rank: 72, population: 261,025)
Jersey City (U.S. rank: 75, population: 250,323)
Rochester (U.S. rank: 100, population: 210,855)

With an 8 million person lead on Buffalo, New York City certainly takes the crown in terms of numbers. But don’t get us started on the best wings—we have you city folk beat by a longshot.

Photo courtesy of Facebook.

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