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When it comes to tweeting about beer and church, there’s a pretty clear divide between the North and the South—except in Buffalo.

Floatingsheep.org compiled geotagged tweets containing the words “beer” and “church,” then created a map of the United States that reflects the data gathered. Over the course of a few days in June, the group of tweet researchers gathered 17,686 “church” tweets and 14,405 “beer” tweets. And while the majority of New York state is covered in blue hues (representative of beer tweets), the Buffalo-Niagara region is bright red, indicating that Western New Yorkers—like Southerners—tweet “much more” about church than beer.

According to the study description:

“Given the cultural content of the ‘church’ tweets, the clustering of relatively more ‘church’ than ‘beer’ content in the southeast relative to the north-east suggests that this could be a good way to identify the contours of regional difference.”

Well color me surprised and sober.

The research team from Floatingsheep.org noticed in the process of compiling data that church tweets weren’t always decidedly spiritual. They noted that many tweets containing “church” were Foursquare check-ins.

If you’re a diction dork like me, check out this post I wrote back in the spring about the usage of “pop” and “soda” on Twitter.

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