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‘Canadian Cannibal’ hails from Southern Ontario

Photo from Magnotta's website

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Wannabe model and self-proclaimed adult film star Luka Rocco Magnotta has been trying to make headlines for years, and he’s finally succeeded.

Magnotta is suspected to have murdered his boyfriend, eaten parts of the body and mailed some bits to Canada’s Conservative Party Headquarters at the end of last month. He fled Canada to France, and he was eventually found in a Berlin internet cafe where he was reading about himself on the web.

Although he’d been living in Montreal at the time of the murder, trying desperately to gain the world’s attention as a male model and adult film star, Magnotta’s childhood classmates don’t really remember much about the shameless self-promoter and alleged killer cannibal.

According to Canada’s National Post, Magnotta—born Eric Newman on July 24, 1982—spent his childhood in the Toronto suburb of Scarborough. He was remembered by his Charlottetown Junior Public School classmates as a slick-haired happy kid who was also quick to violence. High school classmates at I.E. Weldon Secondary School reported having no memories of the aspiring model.

An anonymous family member told the Peterborough Examiner:

“He’s a nut job. I did not trust him” ... “Eric is the type of individual, I think he’s mentally ill. He has delusions of grandeur. He concocts stories that he tends to believe and they in turn become fact in his mind.”

In 2006, Magnotta legally changed his name and began developing a new identity for himself as a male model and gay porn star. He’s even believed to have started the rumor that he dated Canadian serial killer Karla Homolka.

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