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Live from London - Day 2: Time and Tickets

blog by Victoria Mintz  • 

Day 2 has arrived!

Quick shout out to a fellow Etobicoke Olympium swimmer, Brittany MacLean, who advanced to the final in the 400-meter freestyle event in the swimming preliminaries this morning! The youngest member of the Canadian Olympic swimming team broke her Canadian record and qualified for her first Olympic final. Having swam at the same swimming complex in Ontario and watching her advance as a swimmer, it’s great to see all her hard work pay off especially at such a prestigious competition such as these. Keep up the great work, Brittany!

Currently 7 p.m. here in England, enjoying some early evening tea while watching the Olympics. The biggest challenge I’ve found so far is adjusting to the five-hour time change—however, I’m hoping my body quickly adapts because we have a lot to do the next two weeks. Overall, the day was spent relaxing and preparing for the big week ahead of us as my family heads into London tomorrow for our first Olympic experience! After watching numerous events on TV and witnessing the overwhelming number of fans attending the Games, it will be amazing to see how crowded it is within the Olympic Park. I can imagine it will be crazy!

My family and I also spent a great majority of our time today glued to the London Olympic website in hopes of purchasing more event tickets for the next two weeks. It was extremely hard to buy them in Canada because of the restriction for international customers, so we were only able to buy a limited amount of tickets. However, since arriving in England we’re not finding it any easier. Almost all tickets are sold out for every event, the most popular including; swimming, diving, gymnastics, beach volleyball, rowing and athletics or the tickets are sold at outrageous prices such as 250-400 pounds each (equivalent to $400-640 dollars). However, just in the past hour we’ve found that tickets are constantly added to the site for different events and luckily, prices have dropped!

A major problem the British have found is that all the ‘cheap’ (a.k.a affordable) tickets have been sold out and used for all events, however the more expensive tickets, which are primarily owned by a variety of different corporations worldwide, are not being used—hence the large gaps of empty seats found in the stadiums of preliminary events yesterday for swimming, gymnastics and basketball to name a few. Let’s hope these prices continue to drop, and we are able to purchase more tickets!

Of course, back home, this wouldn’t be a problem due to the amount of scalpers that exist; however, there’s absolutely no mercy for that activity here in England! Scalpers, known as “ticket touts” to the British have been severely warned, and in turn punished, for this type of illegal activity during the Games. Only two days in and many have already been arrested by the British police, so that’s definitely ruled out, but the search is still on as we continue to look for tickets. Keep posted for our final results!

Fun Fact: 2.7 million bananas and 25,000 loaves of bread will be consumed by the athletes in the Olympic Village!

Photo by the Associated Press via KVAL.com.

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