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Do as Marilyn did in Niagara Falls

Photo courtesy of Niagara Falls Local History.

blog by Kathryn Przybyla  • 

Looking for a unique weekend getaway? Celebrate the 60th anniversary of the movie “Niagara” starring Marilyn Monroe by experiencing some of the best Niagara Falls attractions from the film.

The Niagara Tourism & Convention Corporation has put together a great package of events so you can “do like Marilyn did” in Niagara Falls.

“One of the best aspects of watching Niagara is to witness the characters enthused about participating in the same activities that we still enjoy today,” said Director of Marketing & Communications Melissa Morinello. “From historically rich Old Fort Niagara to world class fishing, visitors can now recreate their own Niagara as people have done for generations.”

According to the Niagara Tourism & Convention Corporation, “Couples can visit the mighty Niagara Falls, tour Old Fort Niagara, and even grab their fishing poles for an excellent, discounted chartered fishing trip along the Niagara River. NTCC is including a gift bag with every purchase, which includes a copy of the movie Niagara, bottle of champagne and biscotti from Di Camillo Bakery, a local favorite.

Stay at the charming hotel The Giacomo, currently the only boutique hotel located in downtown Niagara Falls, where it was rumored that Marilyn Monroe walked the grand staircase.

The package is complete with a special discount to the charming wine bar, Wine on Third, where patrons can relax with a bottle of local wine, dinner or tapas.”

For more information on the anniversary package and a chance to live like Marilyn Munroe, head over to the Niagara Tourism & Convention Corporation’s website.

Photo courtesy of Niagara Falls Local History.

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