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Finger on the pulse: Buffalo must-follows on Twitter

Buffalo and Twitter: like peanut butter and jelly, baby.

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So apparently this Twitter thing isn’t going away. Twitter is great for fomenting social and political revolutions, sharing meaningful news or connecting people, ideas and trends—and for discovering where the taco truck will be parked during your lunch hour.

If you, my Buffalo friend, are kind of stumbling around in the Twitter wilderness, still trying to figure out where to start, let Buffalo.com help. Here is a list of 10 local Twitter users who regularly offer important, insightful or just plain entertaining tweets.

@katebits—Kate Holzemer’s tweets about the Buffalo Sabres have a genuinely cheerful edge, even when she’s calling the team out for playing like crap. She also connects regularly with all of the other important online Sabres pundits, so following Kate is like getting a free guided tour through the sometimes-confusing world of hockey fan chatter.

@buffalucci—Matt Carlucci’s random observations about life in Buffalo (and life in general) will make you chuckle at least once a day. Twitter-haters scoff, “Why should I care what someone had for lunch?” When Carlucci notes “Just finished my first batch of pickled red onions. Also, F the HOF selection committee,” you realize that sometimes the most blase comments can be delightful.

@ByTimGraham—Buffalo News reporter and former ESPN.com blogger Tim Graham does not cover sports (exclusively) any more, but he is so locked into his football and hockey sources that he is a must-follow for any fan. He’s also exceedingly funny, which is nice, too.

@WNYHeritage—because every day, you will find out something random and interesting about Buffalo and Western New York. Ever wonder the date on which the short-lived Articles of Confederation were ratified to guide the new United States? It was March 1, 1781. Want to see a color photo of the Maid of the Mist from 1901? One might just pop up. Great stuff.

@whereslloyd—the official Twitter account of Buffalo’s favorite taco truck. The gang at Lloyd tweet their location daily so you never miss your daily dose of rocket sauce.

@j_potter—the local comic / radio personality has particularly amusing takes on sports and pop culture. A recent gem: “the idea that the #Bills are interested in Vincent Jackson gives me the biggest boner I have ever had. Seriously. #GoBills”

@ChrisSmithAV—alternately droll and sincere, acerbic and witty, Smith is a genuine Buffalo booster (but not in the Everything Is Great! kind of way) whose cash mob project has successfully used social media to get area shoppers to support small- to medium-sized businesses.

@heyitsurban—an excellent combination of political, cultural and social cleverness. Has a terrific knack for enraging the uptight.

@ClayModen—although I am not personally a country music fan, I like WYRK 106.5-FM morning show host Clay Moden’s tweets because a.) this guy pushes interesting links like a champ, b.) actually interacts with friends and fans and c.) gives me insight into a colorful Western New York subculture that I don’t often see. “Gun Raffle today at Jamison Rd! Come on lady luck. Daddy needs a new rifle!” Fascinating.

@JaeSkeese716—Skeese is your Buffalo hip-hop correspondent. An aspiring rapper, his feed is an outstanding repository for news, videos, .mp3 downloads, club shows and gossip. You may also pick up on some of the new street slang, which will make you 20 percent cooler to all those squares in Accounting.

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