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Fox News sends love Buffalo’s way

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Make all the snide comments you’d like about Fox News’ reputation, political-leaning and media coverage, but the national outlet fared better than we expected in its depiction of Buffalo in its ‘Top US revival cities worth visiting’ post by Shira Levine.

Buffalo joins Detroit, Mich.; Pittsburgh, Pa.; and Minneapolis, Minn. as the U.S.‘s top revival cities. 

While it’s not the first time that Buffalo has been cast as a Rust Belt comeback kid, the details for why the Queen City is shedding its dogged designation as a “city of the past” made the Fox News report credible.

Not only did Levine touch on the architecture that serves as a reminder of Buffalo’s proud history and creativity, but she was remarkably current in her examples of Buffalo’s comeback. The mentions of Mike A’s in Hotel Lafayette, Five Points Bakery, the Filling Station in Larkinville and the Blue Monk are all more recent attractions, as well as the explosion of food trucks and the farm-to-table movement.

[“These aren’t] the mundane openings of everyday restaurants, [they’re] significant milestones for the city,” said Buffalo Rising’s Newell Nussbaumer to Levine. “There’s no more yellow haze over the city from the steel plants. Our water is getting clean. The cost of living is low, and there’s no traffic.”

The article wasn’t perfect by any means, as the misspellings of Goo Goo Dolls bassist Robby Takac as “Robby Taka” and the Darwin Martin House as the “Darwin Mart House”—as well as the designation of Sugar City as an actual neighborhood—but that’s not too unexpected from a national outlet.

After writing about the Syracuse Post-Standard’s editorial board’s piece on the promise of Canalside, we’re getting a little “Buffalove” overload early this week.

(Header photo by David Marino from Feist show—full gallery here).

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