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Get fit, TV-style

Get buff, my friends.

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Who among us could not stand to lose a few pounds? Come on, we’ve seen the statistics—there are a lot of Americans who need shape up. This isn’t even a shallow social-expectations issue—it’s a call to save millions of people from the pain, suffering and medical burdens of carrying around more bulk than our bodies are built to handle.

Easier said than done! Food is delicious, exercise is hard and time is often sparse. Sometimes, we need that kick in our office chair-tenderized behinds to change our bad habits and get fit.

Catholic Health has an opportunity to get just such a jolt. Through Thursday, Aug. 9, you can enter their contest to win a one-week stay at The Biggest Loser Resort Niagara, a sprawling campus in Wyoming County that offers 5,000 square feet of workout facilities, healthy food, boating, fishing and even bonfires.

So how do you enter? Basically, just fill out the form at chsbuffalo.org. Two winners will be randomly selected on Friday, Aug. 10. The prize has a $2,600 value. If you win, though, you have to promise to let us visit you.

World class fitness resort comes to WNY

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