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GQ puts Buffalo on worst-dressed list

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GQ doesn’t think highly of Buffalo’s style—or lack thereof. The men’s fashion and lifestyle magazine ranked the 40 worst-dressed cities in America, and Buffalo is sitting not-so-prettily at No. 25 on the list.

“Buffalo maintains the worst parts of its blue collar identity, sporting a look that’s neither East Coast nor Midwestern while offering none of the big-shoulder swagger of its rust belt cousins like Chicago or Detroit.”


But can we argue with our reputation as a homely city? The GQ writer, Cole Louison, who tore us apart has some valid points: Buffalonians do wear a lot of sports gear, and we do bask in the warmth of a parka. But how can you blame us? For a city that gets so much guff for its winters, now we’re being attacked for our affinity for warm clothes? Man, we really can’t win.

While I generally agree with the writer, I can’t help but think our ranking is based solely on tailgaters’ apparel. I’m no fashionista, but I’ve lived in some other major metropolitan areas—Manhattan and London included—that put the Queen City’s sense of style to shame. But can we talk about how Syracuse is not on the list? I’ve lived there, too. It ain’t pretty. That’s not to say it won’t end up on the list. GQ will announce the top 10 slovenly cities on Friday.

Here at Buffalo.com, we’re doing our part to bestow fashion advice and style trends upon Buffalonians.

Also, anyone recognize the people in the GQ photo? We’d love to talk to that guy.

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  1. Matt E. Carlucci July 13, 2011 @ 2:12pm

    Double bonus points for the Losman and McGahee combo!

    Matt E. Carlucci's avatar
  2. Big Ben July 14, 2011 @ 12:22pm

    I was in Manhattan a couple weeks ago and saw a stunning amount of flip-flops, which surprised me as these are clear violations of the Tim Gunn style guide (yeah that’s right).  There were also a shocking number of people wearing skinny jeans rolled to their knees and long v-neck tees, which may be trendy but I can’t believe they’d be considered stylish.  I may have been there during the “offseason,” I guess, but the vast majority of New Yorkers didn’t look a whole lot more stylish than the denizens of any other major metropolis.

    Big Ben's avatar