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Heavy snow expected this winter

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As much as my sun-worshipping colleagues loved the warmer-than-normal conditions this past winter, I was miffed by the lack of snow. I mean, I didn’t move back to my hometown for THIS.

Lucky for snow-lovers like me, the mild winter of 2011-2012 is long gone, and weather professionals are predicting a snowier season.

USA Today reported this morning that Americans should expect a snowier-than-normal winter ahead.

“The Northeast and mid-Atlantic will have more snow than they did last year,” AccuWeather forecaster Paul Pastelok said in the USA Today article.

And while winter seems like it’s far off into the future, the blustery conditions are actually closer than one might care to admit to him- or herself. An AccuWeather blog post reveals that the Minnesota-Canadian border will see snow in the next few days.

Buffalo has a little more time to go until the flakes fall from the sky. For more information about weather predictions for our region, visit the National Weather Service Forecast Office’s website.

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  1. bdewey October 03, 2012 @ 4:56pm

    ha! that’s what they said last year. we’ll see… ;)

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