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Highway robbery: Buffalo’s taxi fares

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Unlike lots of major metropolitan regions, it’s pretty hard to catch a cab in Buffalo. But like their big-city counterparts, Buffalo cab drivers charge an arm and a leg to get riders from one place to another.

TaxiFareFinder.com ranked the most and least expensive U.S. cities when it comes to catching a cab. Buffalo came in No. 7 on the list of most expensive places.

Based on a sample fare for a hypothetical trip of a fixed distance, TaxiFareFinder.com looked at initial cab charges and charges per mile.

Buffalo’s sample fare for a trip—distance undisclosed—ended up being a pricey $20.30, with an initial charge of $2.30 and an additional average of $3 per mile.

The cities that beat out Buffalo for higher price tags on cab rides were Honolulu; San Jose; San Francisco; Sacramento; Hartford, Conn.; and Bridgeport, Conn. Rounding out the top 10 behind Buffalo are Los Angeles, Seattle and San Diego. The top 25 cities with most expensive taxi rate are below:

Buffalo taxi cab rates

While Buffalo’s initial charge is lower, compared to other cities, the Queen City has one of the highest per-mile prices at $3, USA Today points out in an article posted earlier today.


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  1. Sevenonesix Taxi December 13, 2013 @ 12:25am

    I came passed a taxi company that is no where near as outrages as these companies. Stations here in Buffalo NY www.716taxi.com.

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