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It’s a man’s [virtual] world

Photo from EA Sports, via the Globe and Mail.

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Update: Lexi Peters was previously reported as being a Buffalo girl. She’s actually a resident of North Tonawanda, a Buffalo suburb.


When EA Sports releases its NHL 12 video game Tuesday, you can choose to play as a 90-pound 14-year-old girl from Buffalo.

Local girl Lexi Peters was sick of having to play as a man in the popular hockey video game series, she told Canada’s the Globe and Mail. Even worse, the left-winger got to sit back and watch her little brother create a character that looked exactly like him. She’d tried to create a character with her features, but the only long-hair option was the scruffy “hockey hair” look. Fed up, she took her complaint public, sending a letter to EA Sports that reads:

“It is unfair to women and girl hockey players around the world, many of them who play and enjoy your game. I have created a character of myself, except I have to be represented by a male and that’s not fun.”

“Lexi’s letter was a wake-up call,” David Littman, the lead producer of the video game, told the Globe and Mail. “Here’s a growing audience playing our NHL game and we hadn’t done anything to capture them.”

Littman not only worked some magic to have women added to the game, but he made Peters a default player in the game. And the teen—who’s played hockey for four years now—is right at home on the ice with the rest of the guys.

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