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Jobs in Buffalo are few, far between

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Jobs in Buffalo are tough to find, and those lucky enough to land them aren’t necessarily happy campers, recent research shows.

CareerBliss.com placed Buffalo high on the 2013 list of worst cities to find a job. It’s the No. 3 worst city to find a job, to be precise.

The top 10 worst cities to find jobs are as follows:

10. Reno
9. New York
8. Philadelphia
7. Baltimore
6. El Paso
5. Allentown
4. Wichita
3. Buffalo
2. Milwaukee
1. Boulder

Rather than considering just the number of job openings in a city, CareerBliss.com also looked at factors such as “work happiness data” and employment trends. Based on the information gathered, CareerBliss.com determined that Los Angeles is the best place to find a job in the U.S.

“To find a city that has a great job market, you must look beyond just one factor,” CareerBliss CEO and co-funder Heidi Golledge said in a news release.  “At CareerBliss, our unique understanding of what makes people happy at work, combined with our unsurpassed knowledge of job trends, and unique career tools available on our website enables us to share information with people to help them assess the best location for their career.”

Work happiness data” might sound like an obscure factor, but it severely affected Buffalo’s placement on the list. Back in 2012, Buffalo ranked No. 7 on the list of unhappiest cities for employees. That data, also compiled by CareerBliss.com, was determined by analyzing 43,000 independent employee reviews.

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