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Kudos to Patrick Cullen, ‘Nicest Banker in America’

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Who would think that the go-to guy for favors, a sympathetic ear and non-dodgy loans would be a banker?

In Cattaraugus, Bank of Cattaraugus president Patrick Cullen is your man. When the going gets tough financially for locals, Cullen gives breaks, which is why the Huffington Post dubs him the “Nicest Banker in America.”

Cullen made the New York Times in December for his generosity and dedication to the local folks. One woman told the Times that a few years ago she’d fallen behind on property taxes and was forced to sell her home. Cullen, who held the home’s mortgage, asked his son to buy the house and let the down-on-her-luck woman stay in the home as a renter.

He’s also known to loan money to area residents who have been rejected by just about every other bank, and he’s allowed local entrepreneurs to make interest-only payments on loans until the businesses began making money.

According to the Times article, when asked by examiners when the bank will grow, Cullen responded:

“But where is it written I have to grow? We take care of our customers. The truth is we probably couldn’t grow too much in a town like this.”

Cullen takes in an average net income of approximately $23,000 annually, CBS Evening News reported last week in a televised special, which you can stream below:

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