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Lake Erie’s dead fish issue

Photo courtesy of Flickr / dameetch

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Thousands of rotting dead fish lined the Lake Erie shoreline last week, causing residents of Elgin County, Ontario, to wonder what caused the sudden surge of smelly deceased creatures.

The scene was so pungent that residents thought a manure spill had happened or their septic tanks backed up, but representatives from Canada’s Ministry of Environment have confirmed that the smell was due to a mass fish dead caused by natural conditions in the lake, the Windsor Star reports.

Ministry of Environment representative Kate Jordan told the Canadian newspaper that a drop in water temperatures led to a lack of oxygen in the lake, killing fish en masse. Water temperatures plummeted when the water shifted, bringing colder dense water to the top, thus suffocating the fish.

As of Wednesday, the thousands of dead bottom-feeding fish had not been removed from the shoreline, Jordan told the Chatham Daily News.

Photo courtesy of Flickr / dameetch.

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