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Hanging out with a little car and Buffalo.com.

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Like a cool friend, our pals at Mercedes Benz of Buffalo Fashion Week got a hold of us this week and basically said, “Hey—we have this Smart Car sitting around on Saturday, why don’t you guys take it for a spin?” When you get an opportunity to tool around Western New York in a tiny, tiny car, you grab it. Promo team members Natalie Memmel and Chelsea Solina were given the honor of operating the diminutive vehicle, spreading the word about Fashion Week events and Buffalo.com.

Natalie Memmel of Buffalo.com

Here’s Natalie behind the wheel. Unfortunately, it was a bit of a rainy day of Saturday, which made tracking down herds of Buffalonians a little more difficult. But the team soldiered on!

Chelsea Solina at Canisius

Natalie and Chelsea (pictured) made a stop at Canisius College, where the two promo team members are currently students. Golden Griffins have style, right?

Canisius students represent Buffalo.com

Well, it is Saturday. But we do appreciate seeing those Buffalo.com stickers.

Allentown stop in Buffalo.

Next stop: Allentown. A little too rainy for the bubble man to be up to his antics, although it would be interesting to see him make an appearance at one of the upcoming Fashion Week events. Let us know if you need some tickets!

Chelsea of the Buffalo.com promo team at Spot on Elmwood.

A quick shot in the Smart Car up Elmwood Avenue and the two-person team made an appearance at Spot Coffee, one of the neighborhood’s favorite gathering places. Spot is also home to the type of dapper, imaginative crowd that could really get behind Mercedes Benz of Buffalo Fashion Week and the sweet content at Buffalo.com.

Chelsea makes her presence known inside Spot.

Chelsea makes her presence known. The Buffalo.com promo team: always discrete.

Bidwell Park, as seen from Elmwood Avenue.

A stop at Bidwell Park? Not on a rainy day like this—looks like Chelsea and Natalie were going to have to get in a good round of hackey-sack on another, dryer day. Sorry to harsh your mellow, gals.

Buffalo State students love Buffalo.com

Instead, the promo team rolls that Smart Car up to Buffalo State College—is it easier to find a parking spot on this notoriously parking-unfriendly campus when you’re pushing a pint-sized ride?—and finds Bengals football fans who are eager to be distracted from their team’s 40-17 loss to visiting Alfred.

Buffalo State students: looking sharp, gents.

If these guys aren’t part of Fashion Week, they should be. Make sure to be part of our Look Book next year, guys!

The car: rockin' it.

Are you going to be part of Mercedes Benz of Buffalo Fashion Week? If so, keep an eye out for your friends from Buffalo.com at the upcoming events. If not, keep an eye on Buffalo.com for photos from all of the functions. It’s going to be an exciting week.

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