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NFL implements code of conduct test for rowdy fans

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Hold off on that last beer. Fans ejected from NFL games must now pass a four-hour online test to return.

According to NFL.com, the next time an NFL fan is unruly at a game,

he or she will have to take a $75 four-hour online class and pass a code-of-conduct test for readmittance.

Anyone who has ever attended a Bills game, most likely had the pleasure of observing a rowdy fan getting objected from Ralph Wilson Stadium. The league is hoping that implementing this new code of conduct rule, it will keep games safer and more focused on football. Stadium requirements across the league will vary, but the majority of fans booted out of NFL games, will be required to take the test.

You all remember the infamous “bleacher creature” Bills fan that we wrote about in December. She will have to chill next time if she wants to come back and cheer on her team.

The conduct class is available through FanConductClass.com and fans must answer at least 70 percent of the questions correctly in order to pass. Mothers Against Drunk Driving and the HERO Campaign for Designated Drivers will benefit from this new code, as $20 from each test taken will be donated to these organizations.

For this unlucky fan, the next time he sees a live NFL game, he’ll have to completed his four-hour online class.

Photo courtesy of Youtube.

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