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SevenOneSix might have a local hit with

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Buffalo’s F1rst Class crew—Jae Skeese, Chase Dinero (a.ka. Billie Esco), G5-GI, Kenny B. and Brasco—aren’t messing around this fall. The hip-hop collective has pledged to release new material every Monday, Wednesday and Friday of the month as part of their {red} October initiative.

So far, it’s working out. On Monday, Oct. 1, Skeese and Dinero released a hard-edged heist drama named, appropriately enough, “{red} October.” F1rst Class took a road trip to New York for its second effort of the month, another Skeese / Dinero track—the a chopped reverie on goals and fame entitled “Hoop Dreams”—with a video recorded in the heart of Manhattan by fellow Buffalonian DJ Gus. Friday’s offering was the third Skeese / Dinero collaboration, “Ca$hmere Panther$,” highlighted by Skeese’s machine-gun flow over Kenny B.‘s smooth jazz-infused beat.

F1rst Class is back at it this week, with G5-GI and Dinero on “Itchin’ Freestyle” with OGsole. Keep an eye on the F1rst Class Tumblr for more to come throughout the month.

F1rst Class aren’t alone in making moves this month. SevenOneSix—featuring Fernandough, Michael Jay Hot and Needo Stakkz—released their own new video, the Robert Gallardo-directed “High Beams,” on Oct. 1, and it is a beautiful visual homage to the parts of our city that you won’t see in a Visit Buffalo Niagara brochure. With its chopped Drake hook, the ethereal voice of female vocalist Go Gev and strong lyrical performances from each of the crew members, “High Beams” is a challenger for top Buffalo hip-hop video of 2012.


Of course, that title may also go to Fernandough’s ‘Purple Heart’ video, which was released in January:


Needo Stakkz is working on his first mixtape, MJ Hott dropped his Left Field mixtape in September and SevenOneSix is going to be featured on the soon-to-be released The Face of the North 2 project. Keep an eye on these guys.


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