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Apparently, Paul Ceglia couldn’t handle the the heat, so he got the hell out of the kitchen.

According to media reports, the Wellsville resident who claims to own 85 percent of the Facebook fortune has left the U.S. and headed straight to the Emerald Isle to stay with family members. The Wellsville Daily Reporter reports that Ceglia told a Galway newspaper that moving to Ireland was his only option at this point, and that Zuckerberg—with whom he’s battling in court for Facebook ownership rights—had sent out private investigators to not only investigate, but to stalk and harass Ceglia and his family.

More on that, according to the Wellsville Daily Reporter:

“As you know Zuckerberg has seemingly stopped at nothing to try to slander me during this case so far and part of that has been their use of private investigators not just to investigate me, but far beyond that to harass me and my family daily,” said Ceglia in an e-mail. “From waking up to discover people hiding in (a) back field with binoculars, to being followed day-in and day-out by these guys, to coming home and finding a back window open that I know I personally locked causes what I can only say borders on paranoia and I refuse to let the bad guys win through intimidation tactics.”

Ceglia’s uncle in Ireland assured the Connacht Tribune that his nephew is not hiding out in Ireland. So I don’t know what to believe.

Photo courtesy of Ceglia’s public Facebook profile, which lists his only activity or interest as “Glenn Beck.”

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  1. Ben Kirst August 11, 2011 @ 9:09am

    Fashion forward of Paul to buy Polo’s new grease-stained t-shirt.

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  2. Ben Kirst August 11, 2011 @ 9:13am

    Also, why couldn’t someone with billions of dollars “stalk and intimidate” someone in Ireland?  It would probably be easier.  It’s an island!

    Ben Kirst's avatar