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Relocated bees find new home in ‘Elevator B’ - VIDEO

Photo courtesy of Youtube.

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A few UB students have really outdone themselves in a student competition to relocate a colony of bees.

Having been moved from an abandoned grain elevator office near the Buffalo River, the bees now have a new home in a honeycomb designed structure called “Elevator B.”

According to UB,

A thriving colony of bees living in an abandoned industrial site in Buffalo has been moved into Elevator B, a new home designed for them through a student competition organized by the University at Buffalo School of Architecture and Planning’s Ecological Practices Research Group. The student designers, some of whom have graduated, are Courtney Creenan, Kyle Mastalinski, Daniel Nead, Scott Selin and Lisa Stern. The team provided some of the footage for this video.

The Buffalo News also did a great story on the relocation process of the bees that involved volunteer bee keeper Philip Barr vacuuming the bees, slicing honeycomb and replacing them in the new stainless steel structure.

For more information on the bee colony, check out the story from UB here.

Photo courtesy of Youtube.

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