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Sacred white buffalo

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A rare white buffalo was born in the middle of a thunderstorm May 12, about an hour outside of Dallas, marking a sacred point in time for some Native American tribes.

Arby Little Soldier, owner of the Texas ranch on which the buffalo was born, told a local Fox affiliate that not just any white buffalo will do. To be considered sacred, the buffalo must have certain markings.

“And that is black nose, black eyes and black-tipped tail. Not the pink eyes or the blue eyes or the pure albino,” he said. “This one here is the full one that’s counting now. He’d be the third. And the fourth in our Native American prophecy that is the end of the last days.”

Little Soldier said that the last buffalo with such markings was born in 1994. So, if his buffalo is determined to be a legitimately sacred white buffalo, that mean’s we’re one white buffalo from the end of the world, folks. Way to steal Harold Camping’s apocalyptic thunder, little white buffalo.

Sacred White Buffalo Born in Texas: MyFoxDFW.com

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