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Prior to Friday’s Def Leppard show at Darien Lake, theme park officials have started to implement a policy that requires all visitors to park on Darien Lake premises, according to a report by WIVB. In addition, there will be only one entrance and one exit—the main theme park entrance off Route 77.

Before these rule changes, concert attendees were permitted to park in private lots surrounding Darien Lake, particularly up the hill across the street on Sumner Road. Because these off-site lots made it more difficult to halt underage drinking, caused traffic gridlock after the event and sent a flock of pedestrians crossing a fairly busy road, the park has chosen to stand strong behind these rules.

If you’ve been to a popular concert at Darien Lake, you understand how frustrating it can be to leave a concert. Lines of idle cars wait rather impatiently, sometimes for as long as 90 minutes before exiting the show. With a smoother flow of traffic, it’s possible that departure time will be cut significantly.

What problems could arise? For the Jason Aldean show Aug. 25, it will be interesting to see how the primary on-site tailgating field can handle all the pre-concert partiers—will space be an issue? Will people simply find other private lots to park in and tailgate?


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