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Now that we’ve nearly reached our fourth Social Media Day, there’s already a set level of expectations.

Yes, there will be food and drink specials. Yes, you’ll be encouraged to check-in, tweet, use Instagram (even videos!), Vine and even blog about it. And say thanks to Social Media Club Buffalo for putting on this gathering year after year.

This year’s iteration runs from 2 to 5 p.m. on Sunday at Swannie House, 170 Ohio St., Buffalo. Pre-sale tickets run for $8—purchase them here—or can be purchased at the door for $10 (cash only).

Use the hash-tag #SMDayBuf to track the action, and expect the tweets to become a little less intelligible as 4:30 p.m. rolls around and Ben T. starts to get a little weird.

Bottled beer specials run for $2, well drinks cost $2, drafts are $2.50 and chicken wings are 35 cents. That’s 10 wings for $3.50!

Two solid additions to this year’s event, however, should inject friendly competition and Mad Libs-style humor.

**A “How Social Are You?” bingo-style game will foster networking between guests. The game will be predicated on participation on different platforms, strength of social presence, good looks (kidding) and several other categories.

**Conversation bubbles: There will be a step-and-repeat photo area, but there’s a catch. A conversation bubble—filled with randomly submitted one-liners—could make these images rather hysterical, so smile and recognize that there might be mild humiliation.

There will be a Chinese auction to benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters of Erie County, an organization of which our Katie Costello is a part.

When Mashable created Social Media Day in 2010, the intention was to celebrate revolutionary means of communication, immediate access to unlimited news and information, and a more visual means of understanding your friends and the world around you.

Also, it was the same year as when the Old Spice Man became half-centaur (or the Old Spice Centaur became half man?), for what that’s worth.

(Photo courtesy of Nate Benson from 2011—see the full gallery here).

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