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Look, you can kind of see SJ!

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So guess who was on TV?  Us, that’s who!  The Buffalo.com team made very brief appearances on Channel 7 as part of the Twitter: Best Practices for Business seminar at the Buffalo Museum of Science on Friday morning.  Our own SJ Velasquez was part of the illustrious panel, along with Mike Schuler of Darien Lake, Kevin Evantecki from Statler City and Elena Kunsevich from Perry’s Ice Cream.  A good time was had by all.

Here is the rundown from the video:

Ben T and Ben K: mega stars.

You can just barely see grainy footage of Ben T. and Ben K. in the Science Museum auditorium.  We were probably in the process of sending juvenile texts to each other because someone just said “backend administration.”  BONUS CELEBRITY SIGHTING: former Buffalo.com staffer Deandra Modica is the young lady in the blue shirt in front of Ben T. 

Video Report Card:

Number of Buffalo.com mentions: Zero.  Say it ain’t so, WKBW!  Don’t you know your audience?  We literally get dozens of page views a day.  DOZENS.

Amount of footage dedicated to Nicole Schuman tweeting: A lot.  Well done, @buffalogal.

Quality of stock footage: High.  The fisheye shot of the keyboard, particularly, screamed “social media!”

Rapt attention to the program.

Here, Ben K. gets even more camera time.  Also on camera is Buffalo News Promotions Manager Carly Hartmans, who, unlike Ben K., appears to be paying attention to the presentation.

Video Report Card (cont.):

Amount of info presented that could make non-social media users feel like social media is relevant: Some.  Schuler does a nice job of explaining why social media is important to business, and makes a good point of noting that baby boomer usage is growing.  Nicole Schuman also references customer service via social media, which is important, too. 

Amount of footage reused in the course of a 2-minute video: Plenty. 

Number of hand-typing-on-smartphone closeups: Also plenty. 

Number of hand-typing-on-smartphone closeups reused in the course of a 2-minue video: See above.

SJ speaks.

Look, you can kind of see SJ!  She was both well-spoken and humorous today.  She also found ways to drop her favorite terms “guff,” “sass” and “broad” into the discussion. 

Video Report Card (cont.):

Number of shots of SJ inaudibly speaking: One.

Attractiveness level of Jaclyn Asztalos: High.  Hey there, Jaclyn.

Overall quality of video: The footage was a bit grainy, the production seemed rushed and the information lacked some important context.  Also: Buffalo.com was NEVER MENTIONED.  All big marks against Channel 7.  On the other hand, we were on TV!  That does help the grade.

On a scale of 1 - 10, this video rates an 8: some real problem areas, but enough promise of Buffalo.com footage to keep us genuinely interested.  But next time, we want closeups!


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  1. Nicole Shoe October 28, 2011 @ 6:19pm

    hilarity as usual. thanks for the mention and rating me. lol

    Nicole Shoe's avatar
  2. S.J. Velasquez October 28, 2011 @ 11:09pm

    On a scale from 1 to 10, you’re an A+.

    S.J. Velasquez's avatar