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Prom season’s in full swing, which means teen girls are sprinting to tanning salons to soak up UV rays in an effort to offset their pastel gowns with unnaturally sun-kissed skin.

I have to admit, I am guilty of having purchased the two-week unlimited tanning pass when I was prepping for prom back in 2003. But are today’s teens overdoing it at the tanning beds and booths? Some folks think so, and they’re looking to make it illegal for any teen younger than 18 to tan at a salon. New York would be the first state to ban indoor tanning for minors if the American Cancer Society gets its way, USA Today reports.

Anyone younger than 14 is already banned from indoor tanning in New York, but teens 14 and up are allowed to fake ‘n’ bake with parental consent. Dan Humiston, owner of more than 40 Tanning Bed locations, thinks barring teens from sun beds and booths would be another example of the government going too far. “Kids can get an abortion without parental permission, but you can’t get a tan,” Humiston told USA Today. Humiston is the president of the national Indoor Tanning Association, which he describes as part of the “Health, Wellness and Fitness industry” in his LinkedIn profile.

What do you think? Is an occasional session in a tanning salon that big a deal for youths? Leave your comments below.

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