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Wild About Monkeys

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This year, the Erie Country Fair is shaking things up. Check out these five new attractions that will have the crowd hyped.

1.“Rock” stars. Does your five-year-old spend their day drawing pictures of rocks instead of rainbows? Do they dream of being archaeologists instead of superheroes? Then you are in luck—the Just Dig It attraction will give your child the opportunity to search for and unearth special treasures. They will even be able to bring one home! Located near Gate Two on the Avenue of Flags.

2.Going ape over monkeys. Monkey lovers, unite. Kevin and Martina will delight and amaze you with fun at The Wild About Monkeys exhibit. It is the only travelling animal exhibition that features trained baboons. Each session includes a 30-minute show, 30 minutes of photos and 30 minutes of playtime. Show times vary each day inside Gate Five.

3.Hanging out with the butterflies. You may have fed a horse or chicken before, but have you ever fed a butterfly? Didn’t think so. Embrace this delightfully unique opportunity at Skyriver Butterflies, a 40’ x 60’ enclosed tent with thousands of these majestic creatures. Located next to the Conservation Building.

4.Not for the faint of heart. If they are making the trip all the way from Switzerland, you know it will be out-of-this-world entertainment. The Nerveless Nocks Sway Pole Act features a hand-over-hand climb to the top of a breathtaking aerial exchange and an unbelievable headfirst free-fall back to the ground. Basically, it puts all other climbing acts to shame. Shows are at 12:30 p.m., 3:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. every day at Kiddieland.

5. Find the magic in going green at the Steve Trash Green Street Show. If recycling was not quite fun enough already, Steve will make a real blast—he’ll be blending illusions and learning in a street show for all ages. It is eco-entertainment at its finest. You can find him on the street every day at 4 p.m..

Photo from Flickr/Law_Keven


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