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The Amish are coming

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It’s no secret that Amish communities exist just beyond the Buffalo borders, but would you guess that these electronics-shunning religious communities are growing at a fairly rapid pace in the Empire State?

It’s true. Among states with established Amish communities, New York is seeing the most significant boom in Amish population trends. Since 2009, 11 new Amish settlements have popped up in New York. This has contributed to an overall population increase of 31 percent. Other states with established Amish communities experiencing population increases are Iowa (17 percent), Kentucky (15 percent), Missouri (15 percent) and Michigan (14 percent), according to an Elizabethtown College study.

Typically, the Amish are associated with midwestern states, which still account for the highest overall population numbers. As of this month when the Elizabethtown study was conducted and released, the largest Amish settlement in the U.S. was located in Holmes County, Ohio, where there are approximately 232 church districts and 30,160 Amish people in the community.

» AP: Study: Amish population growing, migrating into NY

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