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The gas is greener on our side

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Taking a road trip in an electric car may seem like an environmentally responsible thing to do, but levels of greenhouse gases emitted are different depending on where you travel.

There’s good news for Western New Yorkers, though: Buffalo boasts one of the lowest rates of carbon dioxide emission in the country, according to a New York Times article.

Based on findings by the Union of Concerned Scientists, the Times developed a map that illustrates the carbon footprint of electric cars across the country.

Even though tailpipe pollutants are the same—there are none for the Nissan Leaf, the car used in the study—the amount of carbon dioxide released into the environment is more extreme in coal-dependent cities.

The map—pictured above—includes major US cities, followed by a number. The Times explains that those numbers “represent, as a miles-per-gallon equivalent, the amount of greenhouse gases generated in charging the battery of an electric Nissan Leaf in that city.”

Buffalo’s number is 86, meaning it releases less greenhouse gases than any other city on the map.

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