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The story behind the viral Buffalo St. Patrick’s Day parade photo

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Each St. Patrick’s Day, countless photos are taken during the Buffalo’s St. Patrick’s Day parade on Delaware Avenue, but one picture from Sunday’s parade has struck a nerve with locals and ex-pats.

Buffalo firefighter Patrick Blake (full disclosure: he happens to be my uncle!) took a photo from atop truck No. 4, the Buffalo Fire Department’s newest fire truck, and that picture is making rounds on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and on news sites and TV broadcasts.

“I was on top of the truck taking pictures of the crowd,” Blake said. “When we got to Allen Street, we had to stop so the police could clear the street. That is when I took pictures of the large crowd in front and some of Engine 33 behind us making their way through the crowd.”

Although one of the images he captured is receiving special attention, he actually documented much of the trip uptown via Delaware Avenue.

Patrick Blake in the St. Patrick's Day parade
Pictured above: Patrick Blake aboard Buffalo Fire Department’s truck No. 4, the latest fire truck to join the department’s fleet.

Pictured above: A sea of green as truck No. 4 approaches Allen Street, the most popular party spot along the Delaware Avenue parade route.

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