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Three alternative ‘holidays’ to Sweetest Day - (Angry) OPINION

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I’m still convinced that either the origin of Sweetest Day was fabricated or it’s just a bunch of malcontents upset that Valentine’s Day only happens once per year. Regardless, Oct. 20 is actually a day to make others happy—it’s not exclusive to your significant other. That doesn’t mean I can’t pout.

As touching as the true meaning of this rainy Saturday is, I still don’t consider this “Sweetest Day” as anything more than a fake, wholly unnecessary celebration. I mean, at least Arbor Day is worthy because trees are underrated and the environment is unfathomably important.

Here are three other “holidays” that apparently weren’t significant enough to budge “Sweetest Day” in the holiday line.

1) “Dress and act like your favorite animal” Day: This would be one cacophonous day—you’d think people would suit up as their pets, mimicking personalities and disobeying at every chance. Not only would it be hysterical to visit the grocery store—“Why is this hyena taking so long in the butcher’s section?”—but the zoo would become incredibly confusing.

2) “Favorite scent” Day: Gas stations would be unbearably crowded, as well as the Roastery on Main Street in downtown Buffalo. Honestly, the sense of smell really gets the short end of the stick in terms of holidays, and plus it’s not every day you can sit back and narrow down favorite scents. Burning leaves? Grilling meat? Fresh cut grass?

3) “Best accent” Day: I swear we already have this day regularly at the Buffalo.com office space, and this “celebration” turns annoying at alarming speed. Still, you almost never hear someone say—“Man, I just can’t stand those accents.” Southern drawl, smooth New Zealand or aggressive British—this day would be your chance to torment co-workers without the usual guilt or repercussions.

But, if you’re insisting that “Sweetest Day” is worth participating in, Western New York has some solid chocolate shops.

Or, you could just pull rose pranks like we did last Valentine’s Day.

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