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More than 100 professors specializing in American politics and the presidency agree: President Barack Obama’s the better leader.

UB School of Management professor Jerry Newman asked 250 professors across the nation to rate presidential candidates’ leadership abilities based on the “10 leadership dimensions” of the school’s LeaderCORE program, a leadership certification for UB MBA candidates, according to a UB news release.

The 10 dimensions of the LeaderCORE program are:
- problem solving/decision making
- global and diversity mindset
- strategic thinking
- team leadership
- team skills
- communication
- interpersonal skills
- integrity
- results orientation
- self-management/adaptability

Obama’s scores were significantly higher than Romney’s in seven of the 10 categories, Newman said.

Nearly 75 percent of the respondents described themselves as liberal, but in “a regression analysis, the professors’ political leaning was not a significant determinant of how they evaluated overall leadership,” the article adds.

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