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Upstate New York is shrinking

Photo is a screen grab from the New York Times' Mapping America Project

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When the zombie apocalypse happens, the undead-to-living ratio won’t be in our favor.

Most of upstate New York is losing residents, even though the state’s population has grown in recent years, Cornell University reports.

U.S. Census Bureau estimates New York’s population grew by 87,093 people in the 15 months following the 2010 census, but 37 upstate counties lost population. Western New York suffered the biggest numeric loss of 2,660 people, according to R&D Magazine.

The city of Buffalo—not entire metropolitan region—is at a population of 255,604 as of this month, Buffalo Business First reports. Two years ago the city’s population was 261,310, meaning it’s down 2.1 percent.

When it comes to metropolitan regions, the gap is tightening between Buffalo and Rochester. Buffalo Business First estimates the difference in the metro areas’ populations is about 72,000.

Photo is a screen grab from the New York Times’ Mapping America Project.

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