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VORTEXED: Buffalo’s storm through Instagram - PHOTOS

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If you have any sort of luck, you’re under a heated blanket right now, contentedly perusing the internet—casually switching between winter weather updates, reading about Famous Jameis’ heroics and whimpering after learning U.S. ski sensation Lindsey Vonn won’t compete in Sochi.

Fortunately, the photo-inclined of Western New York sacrificed the feeling in their fingers for glorious Instagrammed snapshots—well, maybe they wisely chose these warm text-friendly mittens.

By searching terms like “Buffalo,” “Polar Vortex,” “Orchard Park” and “Hamburg,” we carefully sifted through the results to find the best (read: eeriest) polar vortex photos from the morning of Monday, Jan. 6 through late morning today, Jan. 7.

Did you know that polar vortex is not a made-up term to intensify this weather drama? The Buffalo News did, apparently.

Enjoy these 15 photos—and we made sure not to infringe on copyrights (hey, we take this seriously!):

Commentary: You know who’s tough? The French Connection. That’s who.

Commentary: This may be the creepiest image of a Buffalo grain elevator that I’ve ever seen. It’s also a terrific photo.

Commentary: Not shockingly, traffic becomes a nightmare when the Skyway closes. Look at this line of cars down Scott Street in front of The Buffalo News.

Commentary: The above photo comes from Hamburg, NY, one of the hardest-hit suburbs of the January 2014 storm. That’s what happens when you live in the Southtowns, which regularly takes the brunt of lake effect snow bans.

Commentary: This is the Edward Rath Building in downtown Buffalo—if you can make it out through the squall.

Commentary: What kind of being makes that big of a footprint? We hear that mythological creatures love big storms.

Commentary: I don’t have to tell you what sounds glorious right now.

Commentary: And you thought wind was invisible!

Commentary: @AllBuffaloEats should win some type of award for posting this Star Wars-inspired image. It shouldn’t be too shocking that the Empire would show up amid a winter vortex.

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