Buffalo.com: It’s going down

Heavy snow expected this winter


Welcome to the revamped Buffalo.com

Photo courtesy of Flickr / Claudio Matsuoka.

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Hey there, Buffalo.com reader!

Welcome to our revamped website, which now features more content on the homepage and a few updated elements.

The basic components of the homepage include a feature story, four top blocks and six content blocks all organized by category.

And speaking of categories, you might notice that “entertainment” and “arts + culture” are now combined into “arts + entertainment.” We’re hoping this clears up any confusion caused by the previously separate categories. The newly created category now will now include music, movies, fine arts and cultural event information.

Toward the center of the page, notice the “Latest” and “Buzz” feeds. “Latest” is an automatically updated list of the latest entries on the site—so the freshest content will appear at the top. “Buzz” collects the most popular entries on the site for the week—you know, what’s “buzzing.”

Our photo galleries can now be found on the right side of the page in their own neat little widget.

We owe a BIG thank-you to Beth Stanford, our colleague responsible for taking Buffalo.com to the next level with this crisp, fun page design. Thanks, homegirl!

If you have any questions or suggestions, reach out to the members of the Buffalo.com team.

Photo courtesy of Flickr / Claudio Matsuoka.

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Buffalo.com: It’s going down

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