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What can Buffalo expect from Frankenstorm?

This is not picnic weather.

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You’ve probably been hearing a lot about Frankenstorm lately, but may be slightly out of the loop due to more pressing concerns like Halloween parties and football gambling. Here’s what is going on.

What is Frankenstorm?
It’s the combination of some really nasty weather. First of all, Hurricane Sandy is a massive, slow-moving weather system rising from the mid-Atlantic that has already killed 40 people in the Caribbean. It’s wreaking havoc along the southeast U.S. coast and is supposed to hit land somewhere near Delaware and eastern Pennsylvania on Sunday night. What makes this worse than a typical hurricane—and this one is already expected to be one of the worst on the past few years—is that “...it (could) converge with two other systems to create a superstorm threatening to bring high winds, rain and a tidal surge that may inundate Mid-Atlantic and Northeast coastal areas,” as the comfortably westward San Francisco Chronicle reports.

Still confused? Just look at this:

Frankenstorm attacks!

The white stuff is weather. That, my friends, is a problem.

So is this really a big deal or is it all just talk?
It’s a big deal. The storm(s) look ready to blast the northeast corridor, which is the center of commerce, government and population for the United States. As The Associated Press explains, “The storm that is threatening 60 million Americans in the eastern third of the nation in just a couple of days with high winds, drenching rains, extreme tides, flooding and probably snow is much more than just an ordinary weather system. It’s a freakish and unprecedented monster.” Hyperbole? Maybe—no one ever said weather reporters were known for their stoic restraint. However, we are potentially looking at 800 miles of mainland United States facing a foot of rain, two feet of snow and/or 50 mile per hour winds. The “Frankenstorm” name was not coined by some hack weather dude—it was referenced by Jim Cisco, a meteorologist at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. When NOAA starts to get nervous, we probably should, too.

So how does this effect Buffalo?
Again, let’s rely on the power of pictures:

Frankenstorm map

We’re going to feel it. The Weather Channel is reporting a 100 percent chance of rain for Monday, and Tuesday. Wind gusts may also hit 50 mph on Tuesday. It will be a little warmer—we’ll be over 50 degrees Fahrenheit on Tuesday and Wednesday—but it won’t exactly be enjoyable, not when you’re getting blown around like a rag doll.

weather report

So what do we do?
Mostly, just hang in there. We’ve been through bad weather before, right? Drive judiciously. Make sure you have the proper supplies. Pay attention to the news. As long as you’re smart, you should be fine. Let’s hope that our family and friends around the east coast are OK, too.

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