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Why Jimmer Can Blame Starbucks for Early Tournament Exit

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Today, Brigham Young forward Brandon Davies, a key cog on the #3 ranked college basketball team in the country, was dismissed from the team for an unspecified violation of the program’s honor code, although it was clear that his fault was not criminal in nature.  It has us thinking - what could he have done?  Was he caught red-handed at Starbucks, sipping a glorious skinny caramel macchiato?  BYU students are barred from caffeine, and as we all know, those rich, velvety macchiatos are tough to pass up.  We doubt the grounds for his dismissal were academic in nature, as he earned the team’s Academic Excellence Award during his freshman year.  Until we hear otherwise, he’s yet another Starbucks victim, and Jimmer Fredette’s dreams of a deep NCAA Tournament run have been severely dampened.

(the above post is joking in nature - as we understand the religious-based honor code is serious, and we wish Davies the best in his future pursuits).


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