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Wintry Boxing Day blast - PHOTOS

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The Western New York area—downtown and north Buffalo in particular—hasn’t seen much snow accumulation since two winters ago. We’ve had relatively balmy temperatures, manageable commutes and plenty of unused snow days.

Cut to yesterday, however, and Western New York was treated to between eight and 12 inches of snow on Boxing Day. While plows diligently began to clean off major routes, Buffalonians were left to their own devices—and frankly, it’s nothing we haven’t dealt with before.

To all of Buffalo’s “Good Neighbors,” thank you.

Major snowfalls also double as incredibly photogenic, and we combed through our individual Instagram feeds and snapped a few shots ourselves to form a diverse gallery of the “Boxing Day Blast.” If you have a photo that you want included in here, please email them to me at bwtsujimoto[at]gmail[dot]com, and I’ll edit this post.

Katie C. (photo above): Just a little north of downtown, Katie snapped photos of a neighbor helping a total stranger exit her parking spot. Classy, friendly and so very Buffalo.

Ben T.: This shot was taken on the corner of Delaware Avenue and Amherst Street around 2 a.m. Thursday morning. The black car on the right kept sliding dangerously toward the street but couldn’t muster enough grip to go forward. While two Buffalo cops were on the scene, they both stood inside the Mobil station, drank coffee and checked their cell phones. A few strangers joined me in helping push this car—and another stuck in the middle of the road—to safety.

S.J.: I took this photo from my front window Wednesday night, just as snow was really beginning to accumulate. It’s my neighbor’s white car, covered in a blanket of white snow. [Photo taken in South Buffalo].

Ben T.: Here’s the view from the sidewalk of Manchester Place, a street in north Buffalo, on Thursday morning around 7:45 a.m. Mounds of snow were piled in front of each doorstep, even before the plows could push more snow in that direction.

S.J.: That’s my car—the aptly named Amber Gold—parked on the wrong side of the street after having gotten stuck in the middle of the intersection near my house. A neighbor from a few streets over happened upon Amber Gold and me, lodged in an icy divot. He pulled my car out and helped me get it over to the side of the street.

Kat: Even Getzville wasn’t exempt from the snowfall, as this photo depicts the 11 inches of snow huddling on Kat’s porch.

Ben T.: Hope everyone enjoyed cleaning off their car this morning—the fairly heavy snow may have tested the girth of your snow scraper. This shot is again on Manchester Place in north Buffalo.

Kat: The Przybyla household is still quite festive as clumps of snow hug the nearby tree.

Photo above courtesy of Instagram user Ceejj, taken near Lyndonville, NY—a small town near Medina and Lake Ontario.

Photo courtesy of Instagram user TomBuffaloEats, producer of the acclaimed “Eat It Up” podcast hosted by Donnie Burtless.

Photo courtesy of Robin David Brown (Robindbrown on Instagram), who is also an outstanding freelance photographer for Buffalo.com

Photo above courtesy of Avery Hartmans, the author of Buffalo.com’s weekly style column, “Ask Avery.” You should submit her a fashion question RIGHT NOW.

Photo above courtesy of Visit Buffalo Niagara’s Karen Fashana, who had quite the snowy porch to deal with early this morning.

Ben T.: This, believe it or not, was my windshield this morning.

Photo courtesy of Instagram user Armolove22, who tagged her photo as Buffalo.

Photo above courtesy of Instagram user InBuffalo, who is just that—“in Buffalo.”

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  1. Jane Kurtz December 28, 2012 @ 3:58am

    Thanks for the wintry photos.  Miss the quiet of snow for Christmas.  Retired and living in Mexico.  Bottle rockets and roosters are the norm here.  Jane Kurtz

    Jane Kurtz's avatar