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Maybe you’re like me and don’t find much pleasure in wearing gloves and a warm winter hat (I always lose them!). Or, maybe you’ll admit that your tolerance for subzero temperatures and biting winds simply isn’t very high. Maybe you long for Aruba, the Cayman Islands or even still-pretty-cold West Virginia when Buffalo’s temperature descends below 40 degrees.

According to a study done by The Weather Channel, take comfort in the fact that Buffalo barely squeezes within the top 10 of America’s coldest major cities, ranking ninth—even behind Rochester, NY!

To determine the coldest metro areas, The Weather Channel found the average temperature in each city in the months from December to February—the dead of winter. Stop for a second and guess what Buffalo’s is. Mine’s 25 degrees.

The real answer? 27.1 degrees—the temperature of the average Buffalo day during those three months. That’s not really too bad!

No. 8: Rochester, 27 degrees
No. 7: Lincoln, Neb., 26.8 degrees
No. 6: Chicago, Ill., 26.4 degrees
No. 5: Omaha, Neb., 25.9 degrees
No. 4: Milwaukee, Wis., 24.9 degrees
No. 3: Madison, Wis., 21.6 degrees
No. 2: Anchorage, Ala., 18.8 degrees
No. 1: Minneapolis, Minn., 18.7 degrees

Cities that we’re warmer than? Detroit, Akron, Fort Wayne, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, Denver and Boston.

There’s no question that the Midwest has earned its reputation as one of the most bone-chilling and horribly-boring-to-drive-through areas in America, but it’s telling that Buffalo and Rochester are the two chilliest of the Great Lakes cities.

(Header image courtesy of Flickr / cjuneau. Interior photo of the Freezer 5K is courtesy of Don Nieman. It’s obviously Katie Costello to the right in the photo).

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