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Young Money: Don’t be afraid of change

No need to fear change!

blog by Caitlin Campbell McNulty  • 

Change is good—no, really, it is. I am the most change-averse person that I know (I’m not really sure why). Time and time again, the change I’ve been resisting proves me wrong, and I am pleasantly surprised.

Take, for example my recent title/position change at work. I (passively) resisted this with everything I’ve got. Well, guess what? I feel like an idiot. Now that the dreaded change has finally come, I have no idea what I was so afraid of.

My new position fits my skill set perfectly. I feel much more comfortable and in control of my work life. I feel like I’m really doing the things that I’m good at every day. I should have trusted that my boss would not have put me into a situation she didn’t think I could handle and certainly wouldn’t be setting me up to fail.

As professionals, we’re going to encounter a lot of change throughout our careers. For older generations, it was a badge of honor to be in a career at one company for a lifetime. For most of our generation, we couldn’t possibly imagine staying in one place for 30 years. I’ve already had three different jobs in my relatively short career and for people my age—that’s perfectly alright. We have to learn how to adjust, to change quickly and openly embrace the uncertainty in order to be successful at whatever life throws at us.

Change isn’t something to be afraid of—it’s something to be embraced. While it can seem hard when you’re staring it in the face, if you’re open to whatever life brings you, change can surprise you in the best possible ways.

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