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Young Money: Knowing when to trust yourself

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Each month, I have the opportunity to sit down with a dynamic leader in the community and share a meal with them and a small group of other young professionals. Throughout the 90 minutes that we spend together, they give advice on a variety of subjects—work-life balance, their career paths, how you can acheive your goals and so many other things.

In the past year and a half, I’ve noticed one trend from among all of our Food for Thought guest hosts—they’ve all had to take a leap of faith at one point or another to get where they are today.

Whether it was quiting a steady job to start out on their own, relocating from a familiar city to a brand-new (snowy) one or simply moving when it felt like it was time to move on, these individuals all trusted their gut instincts and made a big change. To hear a familiar theme from so many leaders in the WNY region is truly inspiring for a young professional. While we’re only starting our careers now, it’s also the perfect time to make big changes. Before we settle down, start families and become officially become grown-ups, we have the opportunity to take our own leaps of faith and do what we truly want.

It won’t be easy. Your friends and family might think you’ve lost your mind, but its important to do what’s right for you. Just because you went to school to be an accountant doesn’t mean you have to spend your days crunching numbers. There’s always opportunity for those who are looking to grab one. My husband likes to tell me I have a case of wanderlust every time I start talking about moving to a new state, or even a new country, to do something else. I don’t really want to leave—I just like to think about what I’d do if I didn’t have to do anything at all.

That, to me, is a dream job. Waking up and feeling like you weren’t going to work even though that’s exactly where you are going. I know, I know, if it wasn’t work they wouldn’t pay you and all that other stuff, but there’s something to be said for throwing caution to the wind and just doing it.

Starting a business can be a scary proposition, but if that’s what you think will make you happy each morning, do it. If you know that a corner office is just waiting for your nameplate, make it happen. It might take some work to reach your dream, but that’s what makes it all worthwhile. Along the way, you might get sidetracked, and maybe your dream will even change, but if you wake up every morning excited to start the day, then you’re doing what makes your heart happy—and that’s really all that matters.

Trust yourself, make smart decisions and know that only you can know what’s best for you when it comes to making a career for yourself.

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