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The mission of The Spectrum – the independent student newspaper at the University at Buffalo – is to provide thought-provoking, hard-hitting, and informative reporting and story telling to the UB and Buffalo community.

The Spectrum is the largest independent student newspaper in New York. We print 7,000 copies three times a week for all UB campuses and the surrounding Buffalo area.

Two former Spectrum editors, Andrew Wiktor and Amanda Jonas, won national college journalism awards from the Associated Collegiate Press for stories printed in The Spectrum in Spring 2011. The Spectrum is creating a culture of excellence and is holding people accountable at UB.

The Spectrum maintains a high ethical standard and has recently been recognized by The Poytner Institute for excellent ethical decision-making.

The Spectrum's coverage of UB athletics is second to none, and it is the number one source for everything UB sports.

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UB Student Association treasurer absent following $300,000 scandal

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Student Association Treasurer Sikander Khan has seemingly disappeared, and the clubs are angry.

Last Thursday, SA President JoAnna Datz sent an email out to various groups within SA and the university, stating that an internal investigation was taking place – Khan had signed a questionable contract, along with SA Vice President Meghan…

UB student overcomes cancer

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Alexa Strudler /// The Spectrum

While battling cancer, 19-year-old Adrian Rangl had one major worry: What if he could never have sex again?

The drugs he took to fight Hodgkin’s lymphoma made him horny. He liked to have a good time and wasn’t used to sitting for hours in a chair hooked up to an IV or spending his nights alone in a hospital bed.

“I couldn’t even watch any porn.…

The power of five

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In a life or death situation, what situation would be scarier: outswimming a big, ferocious shark or outrunning an equally big and vicious bear?

Now this may seem like a silly debate, but these are the types of philosophical questions that a certain group of five guys on the men’s basketball team ponder. When the group gets together and analyzes…

McGuire scoots to recovery

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Fourteen months ago, Dr. Donald T. McGuire Jr. was unsure if he would ever stand in front of a classroom again. This year he’s back – on a scooter.

McGuire owns a handful of titles: adjunct associate professor of the UB Classics Department, coordinator for undergraduate initiatives for the college of arts and sciences, father, husband,…

Who runs the world?

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It’s refreshing to finally see female celebrities being heralded for their talents and not insulted for their size in a world that values physical appearance.

Adele dominated the Grammys’ by taking home six awards for her sophomore project, 21. This year’s Oscars are buzzing with excitement for two other women, actresses Octavia Spencer,…

Over $1,500 in textbooks stolen from UB bookstore

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A man unaffiliated with UB stole $1,656.50 worth of textbooks from the UB Bookstore on Saturday. He returned on Monday to try to do it again.

Terrance McDuffie, a 24-year-old man from East Amherst, asked a bookstore associate behind the textbook counter to get him four economics textbooks, two of each of them, on Saturday. When the associate…

UB alert on robbery turns out to be drug deal between students

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UB students were notified Thursday morning of an armed robbery, but what actually happened was a drug deal gone wrong between six students.

Three students in Spaulding Quad, on the North Campus, called the University Police at 1:55 a.m. and lied, reporting that three males randomly entered one of their rooms and demanded cash, one with a gun.

Teach me how to Davey

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MEG KINSLEY /// The Spectrum

When the men’s basketball team needs a big bucket, senior forward Dave Barnett often pipes up. “I’m going to make it if you give me the ball,” he says.

He’s made this proclamation four times over the past two seasons, and he’s been right every time.

Barnett is a lanky, 6-foot-5 forward. He makes his sneakers look like trampolines and…

The Brock Connection

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Photo courtesy of Facebook

Quinton Brock, a freshman undecided major, isn’t your typical rags-to-riches sort of rapper. He comes from an affluent background. He doesn’t know what life on the streets is like. He doesn’t fit the image.

But Brock won’t let public perceptions stop him. He seeks to surpass expectations and join the ranks of critically acclaimed artists…

As housing blitz continues, problems remain in Heights

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Spectrum File Photo

Each weekend of the semester, hundreds of UB undergrads board buses that take them over to South Campus and the University Heights neighborhood. Drinking and trashing the area before getting back on the buses and going back to the dorms is common. And the houses students enter are often more dangerous than they had thought.

While UB’s…

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