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5 reasons not to hate Ryan Fitzpatrick despite his two killer INTs

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Buffalo Bills’ quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick had his first true poor performance of the season against New York in the Bills’ 27-24 loss to the Giants, firing two interceptions to Corey Webster at the worst possible moments.  Still, the Harvard alum is “our quarterback,” and the Buffalo faithful still trusts Fitzpatrick to lead the Bills to their first postseason since 1999.  Since the Bills are headed into their bye week, we don’t want to focus on the most recent sour memories of Fitzpatrick at the helm.  Here are five reasons to appreciate our hairy gunslinger:

1)  He wears his wedding ring during NFL games; he’s the only QB in the league to do so (others tape it, some remove it completely).  What dedication!  Do you think Tom Brady does that for Gisele? 

2)  Also, Ryan Fitzpatrick proposed to his wife at a McDonald’s.  Does anything say love quite like a juicy McDouble? 

3)  He shrieked like a 12-year-old girl following the win over the Oakland Raiders, prompting the legendary Twitter hash-tag #Fitzscream (not to be confused with “Fitz’s cream,” of course, a delightful dairy product).  “That’s a Harvard scream.  Definitely a Harvard scream, man,” said Arthur Moats to WGR’s Joe Buscaglia.

4)  Don’t get too carried away by the Fitz Scream, however, as his uber-manly hard count fooled the Eagles’ Juqua Parker into making one of the biggest—and most hysterical—blunders of the season. 

5)  We’re not quite sure where Fitzpatrick went to college, but since he’s so smart, we bet he received a stellar education somewhere!

(The Harvard references are about as cliche as CBS’ obnoxious Niagara Falls stock video, the Bills vs. Giants Super Bowl flashbacks yesterday and the Marv Levy/Fred Jackson Coe College connection.)

We still love you and your moderately unkempt beard, Fitzy.

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