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The Bills wasted little time in replacing defensive coordinator Mike Pettine, who stayed just one year at One Bills Drive before bolting into a head-coaching position with the Cleveland Browns. (Have fun wearing brown, Mike.)

In his stead steps Jim Schwartz, Detroit’s head coach for the last five years and long-time defensive coordinator with Tennessee in his previous stop, hired Friday night to lead a Bills defense that improved dramatically under Pettine.

You can click on the link in the previous paragraph to read details from The Buffalo News’ Jay Skurski, but we’re more concerned with what makes Schwartz tick.

He’s had his share of out-of-control moments in the past—he’s a coach who seems to straddle the line between energetic, outspoken motivator and bat-**** crazy.

1) Schwartz’s scuffle against 49ers’ head coach Jim Harbaugh in Week 6 of 2011:

This is the most nationally-known incident involving Schwartz—heck, it’s been termed The Handshake. While Harbaugh’s actions have been generally dubbed more egregious, the new Bills DC refuses to back down.

Grantland’s Rembert Browne, who actually spends a great deal of characters defending Schwartz’s actions, said it best.

“I know it’s extremely easy to watch Schwartz chassé-chase the 49ers coach down the field and label him as a crazy. It’s like the person who gets cut off by another driver, then decides to follow them for six miles, just to end up next to them at a stop light so they can flip them off, cut them off once the light turns green, and then speed away.”

2) Jim Schwartz isn’t afraid of jawing at the opposition’s best player:

See this exchange with Dallas’ Dez Bryant. (Why has there never been a “Bad Lip Reading of the NFL” made to this?)

3) Jim Schwartz is more than willing to curse at his own fans:

When the Lions head coach opted to play for overtime instead of attempt to score with 23 seconds left and two timeouts from his own 25-yard-line in a 20-20 game vs. the Giants, Detroit fans had some choice words for the decision. Instead of brushing off the abuse, Schwartz turned and yelled back—with some not-so-friendly words.

This, interestingly, occurred in Schwartz’s final home game as a Lions coach. And he didn’t even admit his actions to the media right away! How dare he?

4) Schwartz’s emotions cost his team a touchdown and probably a win:

Though he now has the honor of the “Jim Schwartz Rule,” the head coach threw a challenge flag on Justin Forsett’s 81-yard touchdown run [video], where it was clear Forsett’s knee was down.

Because all scoring plays are automatically reviewed by the NFL, the fact that Schwartz threw an illegal challenge flag meant that the play was suddenly no longer reviewable.

Detroit led 24-14 before Forsett’s touchdown, but eventually lost 34-31 in overtime in this 2012 tilt vs. Houston. At least that can’t happen again.

5) Some former players don’t really like him.

Here’s Lawrence Jackson, a former Detroit defensive lineman, taking the side of Green Bay lineman Josh Sitton, who called the Lions’ defensive line and coaching staff dirty. See tidbits from the Pro Football Talk article below for the dialogue:

Sitton described the Lions as dirty cheap shot artists, and then added, “That starts with their head coach, Schwartz. He’s a dick, too. I wouldn’t want to play for him.”

“I don’t have anything against [Schwartz]. I just don’t have a ton of respect for him,” Jackson said. “Not everyone is held to the same standard and things are done because he wants to do them not because they’re good for the team. He will also lie right to your face. I asked a question I knew the answer to and he tried to bulls–t me. I saw right through it.”

I know, coaches have different means of getting their messages across to players—some obviously take kinder routes than others. I wonder how widespread this sentiment is about Schwartz.

We will soon see, Bills fans, won’t we?

(All photos are courtesy of the Bills’ Facebook page, which you can ‘Like’ here).

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